Do You Have the Guts to Own a Website?

I was having a great talk last week with a fellow business owner/consultant who I had asked to help one of our clients.  He called to vent a little because while he was putting a proposal together, already the client was resisting his advice.  This led me to think about all the instances where clients come to us with all kinds of big ideas but don’t have the guts to pull the trigger on any of it.

Could you make the website changes needed? Do You Have the Guts to Own a Website?

Here are a few scenarios where website owners were presented with a solutions but would not follow through.

  1. AdWords Budget  – A website owner wants to drive more traffic to their website,  their business is in a very competitive consumer service.  The owner was unhappy with performance of their AdWords and wanted to maximize their spending.  They called in a consultant with expertise in this area and the recommendation came back that since their keywords were bidding between $7-8 per click,  they needed to increase their budget to get the amount of traffic they wanted.  The website owner came back to the consultant and told them were only willing to spend $10 day.   But still wanted a recommendation on how to increase traffic.
  2. Re- Writes – The decision makers have decided that SEO is an important marketing strategy for their business.  They hired a specialist and the first line of attack was to start improving the website’s content.  The specialist went page by page and refocused the content of this very large website.  The changes were sent to the decision makers and reviewed…and reviewed….and reviewed.  Four months into the contract,  and while doing weekly meeting with the specialist,  the changes were still not live on the website.  But every week the decision makers wanted to discuss with the specialist why they were not making progress with their SEO.
  3. Loving Your Look – You are unhappy with the response to your website,  so you hire an expert to review the site.  The expert made suggestions to improve the design of the website to help increase conversions/responses.  You think the website still looks fine, in fact, maybe you designed it yourself.  So why am I not getting any business off my website?

What I suspect is that in all of these scenarios,  the website owners really know that a change needs to be made.  Maybe they haven’t reached their pain point yet where they will be forced to change whether they like it or not.  But is that a good way to run a business?  Is that a recipe for a great website.

To have enough guts for a world-class website, you only need to be able to do one thing.  Admit that your website will always be a work-in-progress and you are willing to try whatever is needed to see improvement.  When you are at that point and ready for advice,  give us a call.