How do I get started with Website Maintenance?

In order for one of our Webmasters to begin working on your website,  it will be crucial to collect the following information to access your website:

Administrative Access to your Website

If your site includes a Content Management System or E-commerce system – we will need the location to access the administrative site and an administrative level login.   Administrator level access means we can help you with things like changing the look of the website, performing updates and adding functionality.  Technical SEO procedures require the highest level of permissions.

For example,  most WordPress websites have a login address of:


Send us the address you typically use to login to the administration tools of your website.

Be prepared – if you have never asked your web developer for the administrative login for the site,  there is a chance you never got that level of access.   Just because you login with a User Name “Admin” or “Administrator”,  does not mean you have full access to the website.  In some cases, if we have access to your website hosting account,  we may be able to pull the login from the database.  Otherwise, you will need to go back to your web developer.

Once Cybervise has administrative access to your site,  we will create a new Cybervise login that we will use ongoing to login to your site. In this case, we will always be logged in as us when we are doing work on your website.   After we are logged in,  you are free to reset the password of your admin login to maintain security.

Accessing your Web Hosting Account 

Cybervise will need to access your hosting account to make code or database-level changes to your website.  In the event of a hacking attempt or malware infestation,  we will need to get into your hosting account to clean up your site.

Ideally there are three pieces of information you should have on hand:

  • Control Panel Login – This can also be in the form of your account login.  For example,  if your site is hosted at GoDaddy, you have a Customer Number and a Password.  With a Control Panel login, Cybervise can access everything we need.
  • FTP – This is the login to connect directly to your website files.  This login will include the FTP address, a User Name and a Password.
  • Database Login – Most websites these days have a database along with their files.  Your web developer set this up when they built your site and would have created a login.

If you do not have this information on hand,  you should be able to contact your hosting vendor to get the logins.   You can also contact your hosting vendor and add Cybervise as a contact on your account,  then we will have permission to talk to the web hosting vendor about your site.

Typically,  Cybervise will not be able to call your hosting vendor until you contact them first or give Cybervise the security key to call, like a pin number or credit card number.

Google Analytics Login 

Google Analytics will be an important part of your website maintenance and SEO process.  Sharing access to your numbers will allow Cybervise to help track the performance of your website.

If you don’t want to send us your Google Login,  you can just add us as a user. To do this:

  1. Login to Google Analytics.
  2. Click on the Admin button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on User Management
  4. At the bottom, there is a box labeled “Add permissions”.  Contact Cybervise and we will give you the email address to add here.   In the drop down menu next to this box,  click all the boxes except “Manage Users”.

Google Analytics is a free service that every website owner should utilize.  Cybervise can help you establish an account if you don’t already have one.