Q: Why choose a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

A: These plans are suited for clients who would prefer to do a majority of website maintenance themselves, but do not want to deal with technical updates/issues.

Q: What is included in the WordPress Maintenance Only Plan?

A: The WordPress Only Plan Includes:

  • An initial security check of your website
  • Daily Monitoring of your site for alerts or issues
  • Weekly Backups to a secured 3rd party location
  • Weekly updates of all WordPress Plugins
  • Scheduled monthly updates of WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Core Software updates at release
  • Free access to all Cybervise Training courses
  • Monthly Executive Website Report.

Q: What is the difference between WordPress Only and WordPress with Support?

A: WordPress Only includes the tasks listed above. WordPress with Support includes everything listed for WordPress Only PLUS 2 hours of webmaster support each month.  The two hours can be used for any website tasks you need help with.

Q: What if I don’t use my 2 hours each month?

A: The 2 hours roll over to the next month if not used. As long as you are an active Maintenance Plan customer, your hours are available to you.

Q: Does this plan require a contract?

A: Yes, all WordPress packages require a One-Year Term Contract.

Q: What are my billing options:

A: You have the option of either annual or monthly billing. You will receive a 20% discount for paying for the year up front.

Q: Can I use this plan for more than one website?

A: This plan covers maintenance on one website.  Separate plans will need to be purchased if a customer would like us to perform WordPress Maintenance on more than one site.

Q: Can I have additional help with adding content or making changes to my site included in this plan?

A: WordPress Only does not include additional site changes,  but we are still here to help. All requests will be billed at our pay-per request rate of $88/hour.

The WordPress Maintenance with Support Plan includes 2 hours of webmaster support each month.  These hours can be used to make updates/changes or on any miscellaneous tasks you need handled.

Q: What if I need more than 2 hours of support included in the WordPress Support Plan?

A: Since you are a maintenance client, you always have the option to upgrade to one of our standard Website Maintenance Plans in order to add more hours to your plan.  You can upgrade for just one month or permanently to a bigger plan.

Q: How do I submit a request for website help?

A: Support requests can be sent to support@cybervise.com  or by giving us a call at 513-510-4962. Our support hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm EST. Our staff is always available to assist you and handle requests during these hours.

Q: Are there limitations to how often can I contact you under this plan?

A: Some webmasters only allow their clients to email them once per month or week, depending on the package, without incurring extra charges.  Cybervise has no such limits!  We’re here to take calls and emails from our customers as often as needed.

Q: Can you provide me with documentation each month on how the website is doing,  so I can report back to others at my company?

A: Yes! This package includes a Monthly Executive Website Report.

For more information on pricing and features, review our WordPress Maintenance Plans and our suggested list of what’s included when we start working with your website!