Do I Need to Update My Website?

A common question asked regarding websites is “Do I need to update my website?” The answer is YES, YES, YES!  I think a lot of website owners mistakenly believe that a website is a project with a beginning and an end,  but if you want your website to be a functional member of your company’s team,  it needs to change and improve.

If you currently have a website that is not producing the sales/conversions/leads that you wish it were,  a good place to start to turn things around is create a strategy to update your site on a regular basis.

Benefits of Regular Website Updates:

    • Impress new visitors – Make sure someone just being introduced to your business via your website has the latest and greatest information.  I am sure with the economic troubles around the world,  there are a lot of websites just hanging out because businesses have closed up.  Make it obvious to visitors with timely information that your doors are still open and ready for their business.
    • Useful Tool for your Customers –  If your website is doing what it needs to do, your visitors will take the time to read through your content.  Which is a good thing,  but what if that content only changes once per year?  What reason does your visitor have to come back and read more?  Will they remember to try back in a year?  At some point, you will have something you really want those users to see: a new product launch,  an upcoming event, or a new service offering.  Can you wait a year for visitors to notice it?  Regular updates will help to train users to come back to your website because you have something new to offer them on a regular basis.
    • Search Optimization – Want search engines to pay more attention to your website?  Updates give them more reasons to come back and take another look.   Search engine spiders crawl sites looking for updates,  if you have none, then they have no reason to continue to list and rank your pages.  Example- See Google’s webmaster guidelines on when webpages are visited.

We have found that once our customers started paying more attention to the their websites, making sure they were performing updates on a consistent basis,  metrics like number of visitors,  number of ranked search terms and number of pages shown in search engines began to improve.  I believe a lot of this new interest came from website owners enthusiasm about their websites and by keeping the website content front of mind,  they were more likely to send visitors to the site.

Invest in regular website updates and your website will begin to work for you too! Not sure you have the time to keep up with updates? Sign up for one of our Website Maintenance Plans and we can handle these updates for you.