DIY Website Relaunch Clinic

Time to Review Your Website Performance

Every website is a work in progress,  but sometimes a bigger effort is needed to address problems happening with your website.   I recently read an article stating that the website redesign is dead.  The thought was that website owners are getting more hesitant to make a complete change to their site and concerned about how major change would impact their current users.  That is why it is important to make major website change decisions not on emotion or personal preferences,  but by using data about your current website to help find areas of improvement.

Our Website Launch gives website owners a systematic process to review their website and make smart improvements,  without completely starting over.  These slides will step you through the major areas of concern on your site including:  website content, homepage performance, search engine optimization and mobile compatibility.

The end result of working through these slides should be a good to-do list on what needs to be improved on the website and an outline of a project plan to get changes done.  This plan can be used to organize your internal team to work on the website or as a great basis for a proposal to send to a web developer and get quotes for the job.

Spread the Word!

Finally,  don’t forget to include in your plan activities to relaunch your website and bring back visitors to the new and improved pages.   Include in your plan any marketing content, graphics and scheduled posts that will spread the word about your new and improved site.

If you have any questions while working through this plan,  give us a call (513-510-4962) or email us at