5 Pillars of Website Maintenance

What does it take to own a high performing website?  Your website needs regular maintenance, just like athletes need regular training.

  1. Rock Star Content
    Your website is only as good as its content.  Providing good information that people can read and want to share with others creates a website that will be visited often.  Good content should also create its own traffic through search results and provide a value-ad to visitors that creates a conversion from visitors to leads.
  2.  Regular Updates
    Giving visitors something new gives them a reason to return. It gives search engines a reason to return too. Websites are meant to change and good websites are always up-to-date. Content, keyword information, code and software all need regular updates.  A well-performing athlete trains on a regular schedule, a well-performing website updates on a regular schedule too.
  3. SEO
    SEO is an on-going process,  not a project with a beginning and an end. Good performance in search results requires marketing research, content updates and technical troubleshooting. Become familiar with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to establish best practices for your website.
  4. Social Media
    In 2012, your online presence is much more then just your website.  Keeping your online profiles up-to-date should also become part of your maintenance routine. In addition to posting fresh content, review your profiles to make sure that all company information stays current.
  5. Analytics
    How do you know how much maintenance is required? You need to track what’s going on with your website. Create a habit of reviewing your website statistics on a monthly basis.  This will be your guide to showing which maintenance activities are key to your website performance and what activities are not worth your resources.