5 GA4 Numbers You Should be Tracking

How do we know we are still on track? GA4 Priority Data.

GA4 is often described as a thousand points of data. But many website owners are still struggling to extract information. After the March update and now the release of AI search, numbers are uncertain. We need to pay closer attention to our website performance. How can we use GA4 to help us keep on a track to growth?

Our webinar is not going to look for a thousand points of data. We are going to pick five numbers. Five data points that will help us keep an eye on our website and look for signs of trouble. And if time allows, a little bonus instruction on two reports from Google Search Console.

Here is what we will cover:

  • 5 Metrics to Focus on Performance
  • How to pull the numbers from GA4
  • How to save your reports for next month

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