2022 SEO Strategy

Moving from Triage to Achieving Fitness

Have you read the statistics that say more people join a gym in January then any other month? Then have you also heard that by 24 weeks in, the majority of people have quit or stopped going? This is a lot like how businesses treat Search Engine Optimization. They start big, then after the excitement of the initial audit, they lose steam. The problem is most industries will take at least 24 weeks of consistent effort to see results.

Our SEO strategy this year is going to be a wake up call. We are not going to be talking about trends and the latest tactics. We are going to emphasize the process side of SEO. The ongoing work that needs to happen to see improve in your organic traffic. Instead of reacting to the latest trend, we are going for lasting fitness.

We are training for a marathon. If you are ready to commit to achieving SEO Fitness, join us online for our webinar.

What We Will Cover

  • Are you stuck in Triage? What does that look like?
  • What is the impact on your website?
  • Committing to the Training Regimen
  • What does Achieving Fitness look like?

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