2020 SEO Plan – B.B.E.R.R.nt.T

Getting to a Place of Understanding – What is going on!

Yes, every year we say there is a lot happening in search. That’s why each year we have a new webinar to highlight the new stuff.

You may have heard of B.E.R.T., code name for the recent Google updates. We are going to bring you B.B.E.R.R.nt.T. Any easy outline to follow for a 2020 SEO Strategy.

Key to 2020’s strategy is understanding. Understanding how things are changing and making sure Google understands your website. Our goal for this webinar is to help get you to that place of understanding.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • B = Boost
  • B = Budget – Money and Crawl
  • E = Engagement
  • R = Regular Reviews – Content and Technical
  • R = Remove  and Reduce – pages and size
  • nT = Intent – Search Intent, what is it?
  • T = Technical SEO – what is it? how much do I need?

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Original Broadcast: March 27th, 2020

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