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Your business website will face more challenges in 2018 beyond the scope of superior content and Google’s anticipated algorithm changes.  New regulatory mandates and security threats will be factors in the ultimate success of your website in managing and building your business. There is a lot to learn about and hard deadlines to meet.

The “backstage” of your website is a highly technical area, and its role in SEO is every bit as critical as the content that plays the starring role to your target audience.

Our website guide, Preparing Your Website for 2018, presents six key technical areas that need attention for your website to support your business objectives successfully in the upcoming year.

Objectives include:

  • User Experience – Opportunities to enhance Search Rankings.
  • Mobile First Index – What is it? What is the impact on your search traffic?
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – What is it? Is your website impacted?
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance –New regulations are coming early in 2018.
  • Conversion Optimization – Simple website changes that can produce more business online.
  • Security – 2017 was a rough year for website security. Be better prepared in 2018.

The complexity of the technical side of your website calls for routine maintenance.  It can be difficult to know where to start.  Download Preparing Your Website for 2018, as your guide and make sure your website is ready for business in 2018.

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