Cybervise presents a Model of Best Practices to Improve Search Performance

Stop worrying about SEO trends. You don’t have time. There is a list of required projects for search performance that is growing each week. Use 2018 to detach from the chaos and work on creating a solid, steady business website. How can you adjust your SEO Strategy to tap into more of your current investment? Focus on keeping up with Google and become a model of best practices.

Our 2018 SEO Strategy will include:

  • What has changed in SEO in the Last Year
  • Ranking Factors for 2018
  • Basics You Can’t Ignore – Prepare Your Budget.
  • Choosing Your Focus – Where you should spend you SEO Resources?
  • Technical SEO Path – What is it and who needs it?
  • Content-Focused Path – Are you ready for this?
  • What is the next step if you are ready for the next level?

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Attending the Webinar

Cybervise will be hosting the workshop using the online service, Join.Me. To attend, no software installation is required on your part, just make sure the web browser you are using is up-to-date and you have no error messages asking you to update your flash plugin.

If you would like to attend the workshop on a phone or tablet, it is recommended that you download their free app on your device. Just go to your app store on your device and search for the app. Available on ITunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Maintenance clients can just reply to this email or contact Carmen at Cybervise to secure a spot.

Once you have registered for a session, 1 business day prior to webinar, you will receive an email invite from Join.Me with instructions on how to attend the workshop and an email from Cybervise with a copy of the webinar handouts.